IBPAP BPO roadmap to be overhauled in Q1

BPO roadmap to be overhauled in Q1

Rey Untal, president of the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), is planning for the revision of the association’s current BPO roadmap due to various developments that are now affecting the industry. Untal has recommended to the IBPAP board that revision of the roadmap be made in the first quarter of this year. The revision will include the reassessment of the projections covering job generation and industry revenue for this year through to 2022. The current roadmap projects that the IT-BPO sector to grow to a USD39bn industry by 2022. This, however, may no longer be feasible due to various recent developments such as global geopolitical uncertainty, the rapid emergence of automation and artificial intelligence, and the latest government policy developments.

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