Infosys launches cross-campus training, certification and recruitment program

Infosys Launches Cross-Campus Training, Certification and Recruitment Program

Infosys has announced the launch of its proprietary learning platform – InfyTQ – a system the Bangalore-headquartered business outsourcing giant will deploy as part of its India-wide graduate recruitment imitative. Outlining the benefits of the system, UB Pravin Rao, Infosys’ chief operating officer, said all engineering college undergraduates who register on the platform will receive training material and the opportunity to be certificated in the use of various emerging digital technologies, with those that distinguished themselves set for a great future with the company.

InfyTQ is said to be an extension to the company’s existing Lex platform, which was designed to help reskill employees. Of late, many of the giants of the IT consulting sector have looked to hire recent graduates in a bid to upgrade their employee mix amid a growing focus on cutting-edge digital technologies. During a recent company event, Nilanjan Roy, Infosys’ chief financial officer, said the firm was now focused on improving the bottom-end of its pyramid by employing fresh talent. TCS, Wipro, Cognizant and several other key players in the sector are said to be committed to a similar recruitment program.

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