IT-enabled services workplace more gender balanced

IT-enabled services workplace

A recent report released by SEEK Asia showed that workplaces in IT-enabled services and the banking industry in the Philippines are now more gender balanced. Included among the IT-enabled services covered are business process outsourcing (BPO) firms such as call centers and medical transcription companies. The Gender Equity Report of SEEK Asia, which is a regional online job marketplace merging JobStreet and JobsDB data, however, noted that gender discrimination was mostly reported by survey participants working in the computer, IT, and education sectors across Asia. Twenty-six percent of the 6,630 survey participants around the region work in these specialized fields. In the Philippines, while banking and IT-enabled services in the country boast of equal gender representation, construction and engineering as well as food and beverage have higher male representation. Education and healthcare, on the other hand, are mostly female-dominated.

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