Jack Ma and Duterte to Improve Philippine Technology

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The Philippines has invited Jack Ma along with Alibaba Group to partner with President Rodrigo Duterte to aid in improving technology for governance. Also, to assist in building a financial system that would be helpful to SMEs.

Last February 1, 2018, Ma mentioned that the Philippines had huge potential to take advantage of the technology revolution because e-commerce was specially made for developing nations with developing economies.

According to Dominguez, the Finance Secretary, the Philippine President, Rodrigo was very much impressed with Jack Ma when they met back in November. Duterte also wants to continue discussions with Jack Ma for possible common areas that Alibaba and the Philippine government can pursue together.

The insight from the training could help the government better understand how to optimize the use of the latest technology to enhance governance and prepare Filipinos for the future.

According to Dominguez, a closer tie between the Philippines and Alibaba is among the many ways of further cementing bilateral ties between the Philippines and China.

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