Lack of relevant skills among factors that delay AI adoption

Lack Of Relevant Skills Among Factors That Delay AI Adoption

Businesses may delay the use of artificial intelligence (AI) due to a lack of relevant skills, fear of the unknown and the quality of data produced by AI, according to a report from technology research company Gartner. While there is growth in AI adoption in companies, some businesses still remain hesitant about embracing the technology, questioning its impact and benefits, said Brian Manusama, senior director analyst at Gartner.

The report found that 56% of respondents said the nature of both existing and future jobs will change with AI, with employees facing the need to re-skill or up-skill to perform jobs that involve AI. About 42% admitted failing to understand the benefits and use of AI in the workplace, with Gartner citing benefits such as customer experience as difficult to accurately measure. With regard to the quality of data obtained from AI, the study said successful AI initiatives rely on a large volume of data from which businesses can draw information about the best solution to an issue, stressing that insufficient data could lead to AI failures.

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