Microsoft ready to go live on AI-driven corporate data classification system

Microsoft Ready to Go Live on AI-Driven Corporate Data Classification System

Project Cortex, Microsoft’s new AI-driven corporate data classification system, has now gone live. A dedicated knowledge management system, it incorporates input from a number of the Washington-headquartered software giant’s other proprietary offerings, including Microsoft Graph and various AI technologies, as well as integrating with SharePoint, the company’s document management and storage resource. Outlining the possibilities that Cortex opens up, Seth Patton, general manager for Microsoft 365, the company’s suite of secure, cloud-based, business applications, said, essentially, it allows organizations to connect to external systems and repositories, use advanced AI to automate content capture, categorization and management, all the while protecting information via intelligent security and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Providing an external assessment, meanwhile, Nick McQuire, VP and head of enterprise and AI research at CCS Insight, a London-headquartered high-tech industries analyst, said Cortex’s success will depend on whether or not companies can overcome some of the privacy challenges associated with machine learning, which is far from a given time when the confidentiality concerns relating to AI are still on the increase. Project Cortex, Microsoft’s first new commercial service since the 2017 launch of Team, will be commercially available from early 2020 onwards.

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