Moreno urges call center executives to open Manila offices

Moreno Urges Call Center Executives To Open Manila Offices

Manila mayor Isko Moreno has asked executives of call centers to expand and open new offices in the capital. At a BPO industry meeting in Taguig last week, Moreno said that companies that build 20-story towers in Manila could be exempted from paying real estate taxes for 15 years. The mayor pointed out that this will mean Manila will be able to earn more as he will urge companies to hire 70% of their employees from within the city.

Moreno said that this will enable him to raise the population’s purchasing power, reduce the number of criminals and add more taxpayers in the country. He also urged BPO executives to give Manila a second chance as there are many graduates in the city that just need to be trained. He admitted to “begging” the business community for additional jobs and investments in the capital to aid in his administration’s social improvement projects.

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