Responsiveness is key to great customer experience

Responsiveness Is Key To Great Customer Experience

The secret to great customer experience (CX) is responsiveness, according to CX expert and certified customer experience professional (CCXP) Jennifer Rubin, associate practices lead at CX technology and research firm MaritzCX. Rubin stressed that customer expectations continue to rise and meeting customer demands means delivering a consistent experience no matter which communication channel businesses use. She also explained that the speed a business responds is critical, highlighting the need to give faster responses to meet customer expectations. Rubin urged businesses to evaluate customer expectations and set faster response times in order to establish goals for responsiveness.

The CX expert also said responses should be personal, urging call center agents to use first names during interactions and companies to listen to agents and provide them with ongoing training to promote customer empathy and ownership. Furthermore, Rubin advised contact center managers to create a customer-centric environment and leverage CX feedback, which is very useful for coaching and looking for systemic opportunities to improve. Artificial intelligence should also not be feared as it helps contact centers to move from a reactive approach to a proactive response to customer demands, making it easier for clients to do business, and even helps strengthen customer loyalty, said Rubin.

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