Nearshoring eating into the Philippines outsourcing sector – Atento

Atento office

According to Michael Flodin, Atento’s newly appointed Nearshore Regional Director, US clients are choosing to reshore their Philippines campaigns to the Americas, both north and south of the border. Atento is a Spanish language oriented outsourcing business which is among the top three providers globally, based on revenues. it operates in 13 countries and employs approximately 154,000 people. “One of the macro issues in the call center space that is driving our nearshore growth is the trend of US customers bringing volume back to the Americas from the Philippines,” said Flodin in an interview published on the Nearshore Americas website. “There are a lot of strong US companies who are talking to us every day about different options for bringing their Philippines campaigns back to the US or to the Nearshore. This is one of the biggest growth strategies we have right now. What we’ve found is that locations like Guatemala, Colombia, and El Salvador, have the same English language capabilities that customers have in the Philippines, and the price points are now comparable. The over-saturation in the Philippines, the reduction in price for some of the Central American companies, and the political situation in the Philippines all support this growth.”