Over 5,000 digital and cloud roles offered in Philippines

Over 5,000 digital and cloud roles offered in Philippines
Over 5,000 digital and cloud roles offered in Philippines

The Philippines is recruiting for a total of 5,816 digital and cloud-related jobs, according to figures from Indeed, a global employment-related search engine. There are currently 3,890 digital roles, with positions open across the technology portfolios of Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, AWS, Cisco, and IBM. These roles are offered in Makati, Manila, Pasig, Quezon City, and Taguig. Meanwhile, about 1,926 cloud-related positions are open at Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, SAP, Google, Salesforce, Cisco, and IBM in key areas of expertise that range from engineers to developers, integration, consultants, and architects. These roles are available in Makati, Manila, Taguig, Quezon City, and Mandaluyong. Global market intelligence firm IDC has estimated that at least 30% of companies across the Philippines will achieve “digital determination” by 2020. Sudev Bangah, managing director of ASEAN at IDC, said that to be digitally determined, Philippine organizations need a blueprint consisting of a unified enterprise strategy, a long investment plan based on the principle that a digital focus is inherently valuable to the business, and a single digital platform to scale technology innovations. Bangah added that digital determination also means having the will to make the necessary organizational and cultural changes to keep up with digital transformation.

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