PH, better outsourcing option than India

Analytics report 2

India has been losing large amounts of ground to the Philippines over the past few years due in the BPO service sector. India lost 70% of its outsourcing market share with call center and related services. The Philippines BPO service revenue at $25 billion, is 10% of the economy of the country. Here are more reasons as to why the Philippines is better than India

• Higher quality of English and easy to understand accent
With regards to customer support, the quality of English of the employee and accent are the most important factors. The Philippines has a 92.5% English proficiency rate and a neutral accent which makes it easy to understand Filipinos.

• Lower cost of operation
The wages of The Philippines is 75% lower than that of America. Even though the wages are lower, you will still get highly-skilled workers. Also, Filipinos want to work in BPO service sectors. This increases turnover and keeps the company stable, unlike India.

• Intricate business delivery services
BPO service industry in the Philippines is supported by the government. The government provides support for expansion, training, and technological needs. The Data Privacy Act has been implemented making data in the Philippines safe and secure.

India’s reign in the BPO industry is over. Invest in the Philippines and watch the business grow.