Philippine domestic unrest worries foreign investors

Foreign businesses in the Philippines have raised concerns regarding the local peace and order situation, warning that overseas tourists and investors may be more hesitant in engaging in the Philippines. During a pre-event press conference for next month’s Arangkada Philippines Forum, foreign business leaders reiterated their concerns on the political climate of the country, and the blurring of the line to delineate business from politics. Commenting on the domestic peace and order situation, European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) president Guenter Taus said that business decisions were more difficult to make when the investors see the Philippines from outside looking in, especially given how negative the country was being framed in international media.“If you look from the outside in, if I were an investor from Europe or anywhere else and I want to put up a factory, and I have $500 million, would I really want to put this in a country with issues on peace and order?” he asked.