Philippines is attractive for robotic process automation investment

man and machine

Robotic process automation (RPA) firms are attracted to the Philippines because of its English proficiency and the technical knowledge of the country’s workforce, according to Malina Platon, head of ASEAN region for RPA firm UiPath. With the strength of the economy and its robust outlook for growth, the Philippines is one of the most attractive destinations for RPA investments in the region. RPA firms would rather come and invest in the Philippines than other ASEAN countries such as Thailand or Indonesia, where it is more difficult to find top talent from an English language perspective, according to Platon. Apart from its contribution through creating new jobs in the country through investment, RPA is beginning to develop other ways in which it can help societies, she said. In Japan, for example, RPA is already helping in improving work-life balance and powering services that assist senior citizens.

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