Growth of shared workspaces

laptop and pencil

After lunch and early morning are considered to have low customer traffic for some restaurants and café in Cebu, as a solution, this newly formed company is doing something about it.

Michael Cubos, founder of Performance 360 Call Center and BPO Services, and the Anzani Group partnered to create District on 53rd Co-working Spaces. They convert restaurants and coffee shops to shared workspaces during their downtime.

Cubos said he will begin integrating this business model into all restaurants affiliated with the Anzani Group—Anzani Restaurant, Gusto, and District of 53rd. And they will invite more restaurants and coffee shops to become members.

“The idea here is to make these coffee shops and restaurants, which are sometimes empty in the morning and early afternoon, productive facilities. We can invite freelancers and startups who don’t have their own offices to bring their work or meetings here,” said Cubos.

According to Cubos, in their setup, freelancers and startups are treated to a different working ambiance.

Their target is the high-end market, according to Cubos. These people are always on the go and they want to provide the services that they need.

Walk-in clients pay P500 for a day’s use inclusive of 20% food discount. They also offer a monthly membership fee of P8,000 to P9,000. Cubos said that the monthly membership fee includes a dedicated seat.

Cubos said they will create a mobile app where their members can check whether member-restaurants, cafés and coffee shops are fully booked. They plan to introduce the same concept in Manila and Davao.

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