Sitel looks to deliver MAX associate experience program

Sitel Looks to Deliver MAX Associate Experience Program

The Sitel Group, the Miami-headquartered customer experience management specialist, has gone live with the Sitel My Associate Experience (MAX) program, an initiative designed to enhance employee experience through a decidedly people-centric approach. According to the company, the program is intended to boost associate experience across the cultural, technological, process-related and work environments in a wholly tangible way through a series of digital, high-tech and social interfaces in order to deliver higher added value for its workforce. By improving the associate experience, employees are expected to become more engaged and to subsequently deliver an enhanced premium customer experience for the company’s 400-plus client base.

Outlining the thinking behind the initiative, Chief Operating Office and founding partner Olivier Camino said that MAX embodies the company’s philosophy that the associate experience is the customer experience. By ensuring the company’s employees are at the heart of the Sitel story and by listening to and engaging with associates, he said they are getting ever closer to their people and thus closer to their clients and their clients’ clients.

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