Summit mulls future of Philippines as key IT-BPM services investment destination

Summit Mulls Future of Philippines as Key IT-BPM Services Investment Destination

The 11th International Innovation Summit – scheduled to place on November 12 in Metro Manila’s Marriott Grand Ballroom – will address the challenges facing the Philippines if it wants to consolidate its position as one of the world’s leading investment destinations for IT-BPM services. During the course of the day, summit discussions will be divided into three key categories: Country and Policy (focusing on how best to further improve the industry and remain relevant within the global marketplace), Human Capital (considering how to ensure the industry equips workers with the right skillset to maintain a premium service) and Deep Tech (a round-up of current relevant innovations and a review as to whether the country’s IT-BPM sector is actually future-ready).

The amended Philippine IT-BPM Roadmap 2022 will also be announced during the course of the event, which has been organized by the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP). With this year’s theme: The Next Phase: Leading the Change, Withstanding Headwinds and Driving the Future of IT-BPM Today, the summit will be attended by experts and thought leaders from within and beyond the industry who will share their vision as to how IT-BPM stakeholders can most effectively collaborate in order to drive growth and nurture innovation.

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