Sitel promotes inclusion, diversity at Pride Summit

Sitel Promotes Inclusion, Diversity At Pride Summit

Sitel Philippines strengthened its support of inclusion and diversity in the workplace by sponsoring the recently held third Philippine Financial Industry Pride’s Pride Summit 2019. The summit, aimed at promoting workplace inclusion and diversity in the Philippines, discussed practices relevant to the establishment of diversity in the country, as well as how to boost office inclusion policies and practices, institutionalize SOGIE in the workplace and actively promote advocacy.

With the theme “All In. All Out.” the summit urged participants to use their unique strengths to develop a safer and more inclusive work environment in which everyone contributes and hones their skills and talents regardless of identity (All In), and shifts from simple tolerance to true integration, letting everyone express themselves in the workplace without fear of discrimination (All Out). The participants were encouraged to apply the “All In. All Out.” concept and establish a work environment where everyone may thrive and grow together. Jen Vargas, senior manager – corporate HR at Sitel Philippines, said creating truly inclusive workplaces means organizational policies must be aligned, the work environment needs to support the claim and everyone’s practices and behavior must reflect and reinforce the value of inclusivity.

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