Philippine animation firm inks deal with Japanese Academy

Philippine Animation Firm Inks Deal With Japanese Academy

Philippine-based animation company TeamApp Inc. has signed an outsourcing contract with Japan’s Kadokawa Contents Academy (KCA) for animation projects for television series and feature films as part of the Cool Japan strategy. The contract will include sending young animators to Japan for training and retraining Filipino animation industry professionals. KCA is a subsidiary of Kadokawa Corp., a leading publisher of feature films, games and comics in Japan.

Tasked by the Japanese government as part of its Cool Japan program to teach anime across Asia and promote Japanese culture, products and services abroad, KCA has established schools and productions in Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia while maintaining constant communication with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center (PTIC) – Japan. TeamApp was approached by KCA in 2016 for the program’s school implementation, and started receiving outsource work from KCA this year. KCA plans to sponsor a Manila school to address the needs of animators who will work on KCA productions.

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