Six executives accused of cheating BPO of ₹4.8 crore

Six executives accused of cheating BPO of ₹4.8 crore

A business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, which has offices in Whitefield, Bangalore, filed a case against six of its executives for cheating the company of ₹4.8 crore. The fraud was discovered during an internal audit where it was found that the executives had transferred refund amounts to their personal accounts.

The executives were assigned to redress client complaints and authorize reimbursements up to $100 for any case of dispute. However, they allegedly misused their authority to create fake IDs of clients, generated complaints, and transferred $100 for each dispute.

“They did this for several months and cheated the company of ₹4.8 crore,” said a police officer. The Whitefield police are now on to track the executives, who have not reported for work since the lockdown.

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