Mitsubishi Mirage to be Locally Produced

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According to Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. they will be able to produce locally half of the contents of its Mitsubishi Mirage in the next two and a half years. Accomplishing one of the requirements for financial support under the Philippine government’s program to encourage car manufacturing in the country.

Mitsubishi Motors is the other half of the two participants under the CARS program (Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy). Mitsubishi commits to locally producing 200,000 units of Mirage and Mirage G4 by 2023.

The said program is a P27 billion initiative. Its initial plan is to choose three car manufacturers to locally produce a total of 600,000 units within six years. However, only MMPC and Toyota Motor Philippines Corp were able to qualify.

Moreover, to qualify for the program’s financial support, one of the requirements include manufacturing at least half of the assembly by weight in the case of Body Shell Assembly, per executive order No. 182.

MMPC launched its P2.8 billion stamping shop facility in Laguna and Dante Santoshe described this as “the biggest single investment to add on to local [production].” According to MMPC’s officials, the stamping facility is considered as the country’s largest. It would also help Mitsubishi grow the local content of its Mirage units under the said program.

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