Talent Pool in Asia Huge, Says Zendesk

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Mikkel Svane, the Chief Executive Officer of Zendesk, believes that the Asia-Pacific region has a vast, untapped pool of talent.

He was speaking at the launch of their new facility at Taguig City, which can house 200 software professionals.

Zendesk, which provides software services to small business, first came to the Philippines in 2014. Its Manila office now has an area of 2,200 square meters and focuses on pre-sales, sales, and support.

Svane says that he chose the Philippines for its software development program because it has excellent technical professionals who speak good English. Interestingly, India, which is more well-known for software development, has only a Zendesk sales office at Bengaluru. He adds that Zendesk is on track to double its headcount in the country. It also plans to have four times as much office space as it does now.

The Philippines is one of only five countries where Zendesk has a presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Apart from India, there is another sales office in Tokyo. Zendesk’s commercial headquarters are in Singapore. Its first development center in the region came up in Melbourne, Australia seven years ago.