Telus and MobiledgeX partner up for Canadian edge app developer initiative

Telus and MobiledgeX Partner Up for Canadian Edge App Developer Initiative

Telus is to partner with MobiledgeX, a San Francisco-headquartered developer of edge computing / mobile network interfaces, to launch a new service for Canada-based digital developers. This joint offering – the MobiledgeX Early Access Program – has been designed to provide developers with direct access to edge computing as they build, trial and test applications and experiences. For its part, Telus, the Vancouver-headquartered national Canadian mobile phone network operator, will provide Canadian developers with direct access to MobiledgeX’s global edge network, allowing them to test new apps and devices in a real-world environment.

Confessing himself intrigued as to just what Canadian developers may trial via the MobiledgeX network, Ibrahim Gedeon, Telus’ Chief Technical Officer, said the partnership would clearly provide such individuals with the tools and network access required to take edge computing and wireless networks to the next level. Similarly enthused, Sunay Tripathi, his MobiledgeX counterpart, said they look forward to working with Telus as they jointly seek to fast-track edge exploration. Live testing of the program will now take place in a number of Canada’s major cities, alongside a number of market development activities, including hackathons and educational seminars.

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