TELUS Relies on Millennials

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TELUS International Philippines, a BPO services provider based out of Manila, caters specifically to the age-specific demands of its workforce.

Most of its workers are millennials (those born between 1980 and 2000). Cris Rosenthal, the Vice-President of Human Resources, says that keeping this in mind has helped them come up with programs that are geared towards this segment. This, he adds, has helped bring out the best in them.

TELUS’ recruitment efforts are focused on millennials, thereby ensuring that its workforce is young.

Millennials focus on self-development. So any training program needs to be something that delivers value, not just something intended at helping them do their jobs better. TELUS doesn’t offer any one-track career options (such as when someone joins as an agent and there is no further scope for growth). Instead, what it makes available to its employees are career development programs, coupled with attractive pay packages that also include benefits.

Rosenthal maintains that the morale among employees at TELUS is high.

The results are already there for everyone to see. TELUS has a retention rate of 65%, while the industry average is only 19.97%.