Tholons says digital skills needed to up Cebu’s global Super Cities ranking


Tholons chairman and CEO Avinash Vashistha said Cebu has to improve its digital credentials and skills if it wants to move up to the top 10 in the Super Cities of the World list. Vashistha said Cebu did not fare well in areas such as digital credentials, quality of life, talent skills and quality, among others. Vashistha was speaking at the 2018 Transformation Summit organized by the Cebu IT BPM Organization (CIB.O). He also cited how Cebu, which was once seventh place in the list of best outsourcing sites in the world dropped to 12th place last year when Tholons added new digital categories. He also said that Cebu has to focus more on the opportunities instead of threats posed by digital disruption, saying that more than 200 million jobs will be created by new technology investments during the 2013-2022 period. These jobs will come from robotic process automation, big data analytics and mobile app testing, Vashistra added.

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