US uncovers ‘massive’ call center scam

department of justice US

The US Department of Justice has filed charges against at least 15 people accused in what it considers as a massive call center scam. In a statement, the justice department said the parties involved include seven Indian nationals and five Indian call centers that have been accused of involvement in the multimillion-dollar scam that victimized over 2,000 US citizens and caused US$5.5 million in losses. The seven individuals were arrested in the US, while the five call centers based in Ahmedabad in India were also charged for their alleged involvement. According to US Attorney Byung J Pak, call center operators impersonated officials from the US Internal Revenue Service, or individuals offering payday loans. The statement alleged that the operators threatened victims with arrest, imprisonment or fines for failing to pay taxes or penalties to the government. The US Attorney said the call center operators exploited US citizens for profit and the indictment and arrests underscore the US government’s commitment to identifying and prosecuting those who perpetrate these types of phone scams wherever they are based.

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