Voxpro shutting down call center in Athens

Voxpro sign

Irish outsourcing firm Voxpro is reportedly shutting down its call center in Athens as part of its consolidation after it was acquired by Telus International. The shut down comes just a little over two years after the company launched it in what it called a new “center of excellence”, which was forecast to bring up to 500 new jobs to Athens. But recently, the company said it has decided to shut it down in response to lack of demand and provide the best possible service for its partners, including Telus. The company said it will work to offer a flexible transition for its people, with some of them staying onboard to continue to help grow Voxpro’s partners. The company’s labor force in Athens reached about 80 at one point, but was down to about 50 as of last week. Voxpro provides customer and technical support and operations solutions with locations in the US, Ireland, Romania and the Philippines.

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