Wipro and CrowdStrike team up to boost client cybersecurity

Wipro and CrowdStrike Team Up To Boost Client Cybersecurity

Comprehensive, real-time endpoint protection is said to be on offer from the recent partnership between Wipro and CrowdStrike. The new arrangement sees Bangalore-headquartered Wipro, a leader in the IT, consulting and business process services sector, uniting with CrowdStrike, a California-based cybersecurity specialist, to deliver a new combined service to clients. The partnership, facilitated via the Elevate Partner Program, will see Wipro integrate the CrowdStrike Falcon security platform into its service offering, a development said to provide customers with enterprise-level protection without the need for any complex deployment and without degrading the overall end-user experience.

Overall, the security platform is said to offer next-generation antivirus, IT hygiene, endpoint detection and response, cyber threat intelligence and proactive threat-hunting for users on a global basis. According to a CrowdStrike spokesperson, the system ensures reliable prevention, detection, response and mitigation with regard to a wide range of threats, including sophisticated malware-free intrusions, allowing users to detect and block breaches quickly and effectively. Commenting on the new partnership Raja Ukil, senior vice president and global head of Cybersecurity & Risk Services for Wipro, said the tie-up would allow them to help customers invest in the kind of proactive technologies that can prevent, rapidly detect and counter intrusions.