YOUNIVERSE to Develop Talent in Cebu

Convergys is the largest private firm in the Philippines employing BPO personnel and it recently hosted YOUNIVERSE: Create, Celebrate in Cebu. The event was held on 18th October at the famous Ayala Terraces with the objective of reinforcing the firm’s vision of developing and providing the local talent with endless career opportunities.

One of the biggest highlights of the event was the announcement that the company would be employing 2,400 additional workers in Cebu this year. The company currently employees about 13,000 employees in the country and operates eight different sites.

Ivic Mueco, Convergys President, Asia-Pacific, was reported saying that the exponential growth of Convergys in Cebu as seen in the last twelve years, is primarily due to its sincere and talented employees. These people have been successful in delivering excellent services to the clients’ customers for all these years.

The event managed to draw a big crowd of employees, jobseekers as well as other community members. The event had another surprise element for the attendees as Convergys introduces its brand new brand ambassador: Alden Richards. Richards’ success story is all about hard work, perseverance and determination. The company relates these attributes to its own employees as well.