Accenture in future-proofing the BPO workforce

AI technology 2

Accenture is focused on its vigorous training processes to upskill and future-proof the Filipino workforce with the rising popularity of Artificial Intelligence.

Automation has already impeded industries with repetitive tasks, according to senior managing director and technology lead for Accenture Philippines Ambe Tierro in an interview. Moreover, she believes that a balance between automation and augmentation will aid IT-BPO workers to endure the shift to automation.

According to Tierro, “Everybody wants efficiency and effectiveness. We challenge companies to strike balance with automation and augmentation. People are still very much needed. In order to thrive, balance the things we automate and the people.”

Accenture has also collaborated with the Philippine government and Universities to produce graduates that are ready for the future. Accenture has 45,000 employees locally spread across 23 locations in Metro Manila, Cebu and Ilocos.

According to the IT and Business Process Outsourcing Association of the Philippines’ road map, 43,000 low-skilled workers are in the red to lose their jobs, from 2016 to 2022. The good news though, AI could also create 697,000 middle to high-skilled jobs. Also, according to Socio-economic planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia, AI will “hit harder” in the next 3 to 5 years. Even with the threat that AI brings, Accenture is very much confident with their business and is still hiring more people.

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