Accenture invests in AI startup Malong Technologies

Malong sign

Global management consulting and outsourcing company Accenture has made a strategic minority investment in Shenzhen-based artificial intelligence (AI) startup Malong Technologies. Malong offers a range of AI-based solutions, such as ProductAI, which uses product recognition and auto-tagging technologies. Examples of its use in industry include checking out items at retailers by taking a photo as opposed to scanning a barcode, detecting defects, and scanning bags at security checkpoints. The two firms have also inked an alliance agreement, in which Malong agrees to work with Accenture as its “preferred systems integrator and consulting partner”. The deal will give Accenture a boost in China, especially within the enterprise AI sector. Accenture has used Malong’s technology to identify instances of strokes based on the brain scans used, in which the rate of accuracy was on par with human physicians.

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