Accenture To Hire 1,000 Employees

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Accenture, one of the biggest business process outsourcing companies in the world is celebrating its 10th year of operations in Cebu. As Accenture is looking forward to expanding its BPO service, it is estimated to add 1,000 additional employees to its workforce.

When Accenture started out in 2007, it had 85 employees. Now, the company has operations in IT Park’s eBloc 2 and eBloc 3, Robinsons Cybergate, and Pioneer House and boasts a staff of 5,000.

Accenture is looking for employees from various backgrounds such as those fluent in Japanese, those who are knowledgeable about infrastructure service, and those who are network engineers, and those who are registered as US nurses, among others.

The country managing director of Accenture Lito Tayag spoke about Accenture’s interest in setting up a new facility in Cebu to cater to the growing personnel but he didn’t dwell on the topic.

The BPO services provided by Accenture are mainly non-voice services that include finance, health management, and accounting. These services are provided to 120 clients across Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe.

Accenture currently has 45,000 employees in the Philippines that are spread across 22 facilities throughout Manilla, Ilocos, and Cebu.