Cebu BPO sector warned on Iloilo’s potential as a competitor

Economist Bernardo Villegas has warned Cebu’s business process outsourcing sector not to be complacent as Cebu’s appeal as BPO investment destination is starting to weaken. Villegas said that the appeal of regional cities in Southern Philippines, including Iloilo, may pose as an increasing threat to Cebu. Villegas said that the Cebu local government should be more proactive in countering the threat from Iloilo and other provinces in stealing its business, by addressing the problem of Cebu’s infrastructure. Among the issues that discourage new BPO locators to invest in Cebu is the city’s worsening traffic and if this concern is not addressed, Villegas said Iloilo, Dumaguete, Davao and other key cities are likely to reap the benefits.