Cebu’s traffic could deter BPO locators from investing

Traffic congestion could deter prospective locators from investing in Cebu, especially those who are looking for locations that are ideal for their workforce. This was the pronouncement of Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Melanie Ng. The chamber president has urged the provincial government of Cebu to come up with an integrated plan that can support Cebu’s rapid urbanization and development. However, Ng said Cebu is fortunate that investors have a lot of options to choose from in terms of new locations here in the province. Ng added that Lapu-Lapu City would be an attractive alternative BPO destination in Cebu. Cebu Business Club president Gordon Alan “Dondi” Joseph cautioned that most of BPO employees would not be from Mactan and that it would be a mistake to make them commute through the traffic of Metro Cebu.