Qualfon opens 500-seat contact center in Paco, Manila

American outsourcing firm Qualfon Inc has recently opened a 580-seat contact center in Paco, Manila. Qualfon chief executive Mike Marrow said Manila remains the center of the universe for the BPO industry, with a lot of tremendous talent. The company, however, has started to open in provincial locations and move away from the Philippine capital. The new contact center in Paco is expected to employ 1,200 people at full capacity. It currently has 50 customer services employees. Marrow said the location of the new Qualfon contact center underscores the company’s new neighborhood contact center strategy, which is to put job opportunities in the university communities and neighborhoods. Outside Manila, Qualfon has contact centers in Dumaguete and Cebu with total combined employees of more than 6,000.