CSR roles as top paying job for fresh graduates in Bacolod

woman working in computer


The 2017 Bacolod Job Trends and Salary Report from Jobstreet.com stated that customer service-related specialists, hired by the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, are the best-paid graduates in Bacolod City earning about P15,813 every month. This was followed by those hired in the healthcare making P15,013, marketing and business development at P15,000, engineering at P14,952; and sales-related jobs at P13,566.

Furthermore, this report showed that the BPO industry is the top industry in Negros Occidental and Western Visayas in terms of fresh graduate vacancies, accounting for 42 percent of all fresh graduate jobs in the region.

In terms of attributes that affect the chances of a fresh graduate to be hired, employers usually look at attitude. Aside from that, employers also look for actual experience and the relevance of their field of study for the position they are applying for. Proximity of residence and social work and volunteer experience can also affect a fresh graduate’s chance of getting hired. Most of all, employers value a fresh graduate’s willingness to learn, to go beyond the call of duty, and personal grooming.

However, fresh graduate employees still need to work on their sense of initiative, problem solving abilities, and leadership potential.

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