Datamatics, Thomson Reuters Team Up To Offer TaxAnalyze Solution

Datamatics, Thomson Reuters Team Up To Offer TaxAnalyze Solution

Global IT and BPM firm Datamatics Global Services Ltd (DGSL) has partnered with Thomson Reuters to jointly develop the tax validation solution TaxAnalyze. The solution will help businesses detect anomalies in tax calculation, and inaccuracies and mismatches in transactions within seconds, and take corrective actions before filing returns. The product is powered by Thomson Reuters patented ONESOURCE Indirect Tax engine and Datamatics TruBI, which brings in the interactive analytical dashboard.

Datamatics TruBI is an enterprise-ready business intelligence platform providing a modern and responsive user interface, while the Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax platform is the industry’s first top corporate technology engine supporting tax content for over 190 countries. 

TaxAnalyze is offered by Thomson Reuters as part of its solution stack in India. Rahul Kanodia, DGSL vice chairman and CEO, said its partnership with Thomson Reuters will boost visibility and give deeper insights to organizations in their tax regime. Vaibhav Kshirsagar, alliances and partnerships lead at DGSL, who led the TaxAnalyze team, said the tool was developed to simplify the challenges tax professionals encounter in validating the accuracy of tax treatment across every transaction.

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