ECOP says most employers favor telecommuting

ECOP says most employers favor telecommuting
ECOP says most employers favor telecommuting

Most establishments in the country are looking at telecommuting, or a work-from-home format, for their managerial staff if there is improved internet service in the country, according to a survey. The Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP) said that among the establishments that participated in the survey, 87% are open to telecommuting if appropriate equipment with improved internet services is available, and if software for monitoring work hours and output is in place. The respondents cited that firms should be informed of the best practices and benchmarking tools from their industries. In addition, they should define roles and responsibilities in case of organizational restructuring, and guidelines and policies relating to telecommuting should be provided. Of the nearly 100 respondents, 28 firms (29%), most of which are from the information technology-business process outsourcing management sector, are already adopting the scheme, the ECOP said. These companies allow telecommuting as a means of coping with heavy traffic, among other reasons, the ECOP added.

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