Ex-Call Center Agent Opens Own Company

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Michael Cubos, a call center agent for 8 years decided to become his own boss by opening Performance 360 Solutions Inc in Davao and 360 Global Services in Cordova, Mactan Island.

After working with numerous business process outsourcing companies from 2003 to 2011, he sensed that he was ready to run his own company as he had enough experience. In 2012, with an investment as small as ?10,000, he started his own business outsourcing company in Consolacion, Cebu.

In addition to working as a call center agent, he also worked on Upwork during his spare time to build an online reputation and gain the trust of his clients.

He used to run a 10-seat call center from an internet café during the hours it was closed. After working hard, he opened his call centers in Davao and Cordova, Mactan Island.

According to Cubos, business outsourcing is a lucrative business that offers employment opportunities and also allows Filipinos to become entrepreneurs.

Cubos also opened a business development and collection office in Philadelphia, USA after getting a considerable amount of clients.

He won The Outstanding Cebuano Award (TOCA) in the field of Entrepreneurship.