Google, Accenture in data insight solutions partnership

Google sign

Google and IT consultancy and outsourcing firm Accenture have agreed to jointly develop data insight solutions for the enterprise market. As a result of the partnership, the two companies said a new business group will be formed, the Accenture Google Cloud Business Group (AGBG). Combining Accenture’s extensive industry knowledge with the power of Google Cloud technology, AGBG will allow Accenture and Google Cloud to develop intelligent solutions leveraging data-driven insights. The new group is comprised of a team of specialists from both companies and will initially focus on developing cross-industry solutions for clients in North America, Europe and Japan. AGBG will initially target the retail, consumer packaged goods, and healthcare industries. Accenture has approximately 1,000 practitioners trained on Google Cloud technologies and intends to more than double that number in fiscal 2019.

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