‘Hybrid’ skills much in demand in the Philippines – LinkedIn

‘Hybrid’ skills much in demand in the Philippines - LinkedIn 2

The transition to greater digitization is driving demand for technology-based jobs to the top of the list in the Philippines, according to a LinkedIn report. However, digital competencies coupled with ‘hybrid’ skills are quickly becoming the positions with the highest demand from employers, according to the ‘2019 Emerging Jobs in the Philippines Report’. Millions of unique, user-input job titles from the past five years were analyzed by LinkedIn for the study. What subsequent analysis revealed was that although the top five emerging jobs are related to technology, many of them also require management and communications skills or other the soft skills. The top five emerging jobs in the Philippines are those of data scientist; application development analyst; back end developer; full stack engineer; and sales development representative.

“Our Emerging Jobs Report highlights the reality that new jobs are emerging more rapidly than at any other time in history. Traditional roles have evolved into hybrids that did not exist five years ago,” says Feon Ang, vice president of talent and learning solutions for Asia Pacific at LinkedIn. Despite concerns about automation taking over routine tasks and affecting the jobs of low-skilled BPO workers, it is also enabling the BPO sector to evolve and move up the value chain, with new skills in big data, data analytics, cyber security, blockchain, digital commerce and fintech.

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