Infosys assures investors of strengthened leadership team

Infosys sign

Software services and outsourcing firm Infosys has assured investors that the company will strengthen its leadership team and contain the attrition of senior management exits at its India headquarters. India’s second-largest software and IT outsourcing firm, which also operates a number of centers in the Philippines, has seen a series of resignations in the past few months, including that of chief financial officer M.D. Ranganath. According to CEO Salil Parekh, Infosys will hire more people from outside the company to strengthen its account management, large deals, and digital teams. The company’s decision to boost its leadership team in account management and large deals reflects the company’s desire to improve the firm’s ability to compete more effectively for mega deals. Parekh said Infosys’s high attrition rate can be partly attributed to its strong training engine, which makes its employees an attractive target for other firms.

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