Rumarocket AI to filter best and low performing employees

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Kathleen Yu, a technology entrepreneur, turned a rejected thesis and $500,000 in seed funding into an amazing AI platform that could help employers discern the ideal or best hire for a company.

Rumarocket incorporates human intelligence and machine learning to comprehend the personalities and foresee the future behavior of each job applicant. Furthermore, Rumarocket can predict who are most likely to be tardy or quit through habits, traits and previous performance of employees.

This 5-year old startup has been profiting for the last two years, with fees amounting P500, 000 per client per month, depending on a client’s needs.

According to Kathleen Yu, “Rumarocket hopes to “help companies recruit, retain, and incentivize their talents more effectively.”

Yu mentioned that her professor at the University of the Philippines, where she took up Communication Research, said her thesis proposal was impractical. She then sent the proposal to a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who assisted her in developing the machine learning behind the platform.

Apart from the Philippines, Rumarocket has clients in Hong Kong and Singapore. Moreover, Kathleen mentioned that her software aided a real estate company to raise its workforce productivity to an impressive 97 percent from only 30 percent.

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