Manila Remains Hub For Offshore Gambling Operators

Manila Remains Hub For Offshore Gambling Operators

Manila has remained the leading offshore center for gambling operators despite the popularity of Macau in the region, according to a report by CasinoGamesPro, an online site dedicated to the gambling industry. The report said that the city’s online gambling sector is considered to be one of the leading sectors in the Philippine outsourcing industry, which is worth USD25bn. The country currently hosts 56 offshore gaming operators that employ more than 100,000 Chinese nationals. The growth of the offline gaming business has pushed the government to introduce measures to regulate the sector, including subjecting foreign workers to taxes, ensuring work permits are issued and deporting illegal workers, among other things.

The report pointed out that subjecting the earnings generated by gambling operators to tax may be a difficult task to carry out as most of the companies are based outside the country. The article also urged the country to make an effort to attract more foreign investment to boost its technology and economic development, and generate more jobs.

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