Outsourcing demand in APAC up 44% in Q2

Outsourcing demand

Despite concerns about artificial intelligence taking over jobs and the US government’s anti-outsourcing stance, demand for outsourcing in the Asia Pacific region continued to be robust in the second quarter of the year. According to data released by ISG Index, combined annual contract value (ACV) in Asia Pacific in Q2 reached USD1.9 billion, a 44% rise from the same period a year earlier. The ISG Index measures commercial outsourcing contracts with ACV of USD5 million or more. For the half year, combined market ACV in Asia Pacific reached a high of USD3.3 billion, up 45% over 2017’s record. Lisa Borden, partner and head of ISG Australia and New Zealand, said demand for outsourced IT and business services continues to expand across Asia Pacific, buoyed by robust grown in ANZ and the North Asia countries. Globally, second-quarter ACV for the combined market advanced 31% to a record USD12.4 billion.

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