PH outsourcing sector 10% more expensive than India – CCAP

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The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) has claimed that the country is already 10% costlier than India as an outsourcing destination, and thus the current incentives given to locators should be maintained. CCAP president Jojo Uligan said removing existing incentives under the government’s tax reform program could dampen the industry’s growth. These incentives will keep the country’s stature as an attractive outsourcing business destination despite it no longer being the cheapest outsourcing destination. Uligan, who was with CCAP officials in Cebu to promote ‘Contact Islands 2018’, said the industry remains in constant dialogue with the government regarding the Train 2 package, lobbying that the incentives given to outsourcing locators will not be removed. The CCAP has set a target of between 7% and 9% industry growth for 2018. According to consulting firm, The Everest Group, the country is expected to capture 18% of the total outsourced services globally this year.

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