Philippines Call Center Service

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A chunk of the world’s small and big companies outsource their business operations to the Philippines. The call-center services offered by the BPO industry are particularly attractive for foreign companies. Here are the pros and cons of setting up a call center office in the Philippines:


• Language and Accent
IBPAP reports that the Philippines ranks number one when it comes to offering voice call services. The local call center workers are quite good at imitating accents. These agents typically have a neutral accent and can easily pull of a British or American accent. Filipinos grasp the English language at a very young age and are therefore fluent in talking to clients’ customers located in distant English-speaking locations.

• Work Ethic
The call center agents in the Philippines are known for being extremely dedicated, hardworking and deliver high-quality services to clients.


• Internet
It may be expensive to get internet in the Philippines even though reputed call centers such as Magellan Solutions are reported to have a dedicated net connection for fast speed and superior stability.

• Cost
The Philippines may be slightly more expensive than other outsourcing countries but there is no compromise on the quality of services.