Three major BPO locators in Cebu plan further expansion

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Three big anchor locators in Cebu are planning to further expand their operations, following the lead of Accenture, which is hiring 1,000 additional workers in Cebu this year. Wilfredo “Jun” Sa-a, Jr., executive director of Cebu Educational Development for Information Technology (CEDF-IT), however, did not reveal the names of the three big companies because they have not made their public announcements yet. Accenture earlier announced its expansion plans in Cebu, which involve hiring employees that are US-registered nurses, those who are fluent in Japanese, and network engineers, among others. Sa-a also dispelled fears related to US President Donald Trump’s protectionist policies, saying there was no need to worry as long as BPOs meet targets within the industry roadmap. The Philippine IT-BPM industry roadmap 2022 targets to directly employ 1.8 million workers, 73% of which hold mid- to high-value jobs.