Trade department urged to set up office for start-ups

A Filipino congressman has urged the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to set up a special office that will cater to start-up entrepreneurs. This way, the government will be able to kick-start the stalled Philippine Roadmap for Digital Startups, said Camarines Sur Rep. L Ray Villafuerte. The roadmap, drawn up by the Department of Science and Technology-Information and Communications Technology Office, seek to encourage the establishment of at least 500 start-ups in the Philippines. Establishing an office for start-ups will encourage Filipinos working abroad to come back home and start their own businesses. Villafuerte cited Myrna Padilla, a former domestic helper in Hong Kong who is now president and CEO of Mynd Consulting and Outsourcing Philippines. The company is among the biggest business process outsourcing firms in Davao City.