US envoy says Philippine has tremendous potential

US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim said that the Philippine economy “can do so much better”. This is due to the country’s “tremendous potential”.

The US Ambassador said that he witnessed this potential even before being assigned to Manila.

According to Kim, “There is tremendous potential here in the Philippines. It’s a very young population, a hardworking population”.

He also said that Filipino businessmen should look for investment opportunities in the US despite Trump’s America First Policy. Kim said that more economic partnerships between the two countries can help strengthen ties between the two nations.

Marawi Aid

The US forces helped in the campaign against Islamic-State extremists in Marawi City.  They have provided technical information, advice and equipment.

Kim said that the US government has pledged a P 750 million in aid that would help the rehabilitation projects in Marawi City.

The US is eager to put up educational programs in Southern Philippines to help the youth. According to Kim, “It is important to help these young people make smart decisions and to resist when these evil people try to recruit them for evil purposes”.

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